artix-runit-services.gitA collection of Runit scripts for programs not in the Artix repos. ZachIR10 months
awesome-config.gitThis is my awesomewm config files ZachIR4 months
awesome-wm-widgets.gitHere is my fork of awesome-wm-widgets by streetturtle on github. ZachIR3 months
bin.gitThis repo is for the collection of scripts I use made mostly or entirely by othe...ZachIR8 days
blocks.gitThis is the repo for the "blocks" I use with dwmblocks. ZachIR4 months
dmenu.gitZachIR's configuration of dmenu. Includes several patches, and my config.h. ZachIR3 months
dotfiles.gitThese are my config files. ZachIR4 days
dwl.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. ZachIR9 months
dwm.gitZachIR's configuration of dwm. Includes several patches, and my config.h. ZachIR7 months
dwmblocks.gitThis is the repo for my dwmblocks config. ZachIR9 months
generics.git"generics" are scripts that will call one of two options, depending if using X o...ZachIR6 weeks
mpd-notification-nosystemd.gitAUR mpd-notification without systemd dependency. ZachIR4 months
runit-user-services.gitRunit user services. ZachIR4 months
scripts.gitA collection of scripts I have written, with the hope that someone may find them...ZachIR8 days
shortcmds.gitYou probably don't care about this, but these call their eponymous programs with...ZachIR6 weeks
slock.gitZachIR's configuration of slock. Mostly just a couple config changes. ZachIR10 months
sp.gitRepo for various scratchpad scrips (Hyprland right now). ZachIR6 weeks
st.gitZachIR's configuration of st. Includes several patches, and my config.h. ZachIR45 hours
volsv.gitZachIR's volume control script, Volume Setter V. ZachIR3 months
zirless.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. ZachIR3 months